Spring 2018 Travel Writing Contest

This contest is now closed. Thank you to the hundreds of writers who have entered their work! We expect to select a winner and the finalists within the next eight to ten weeks. General submissions are now open.

“This Land Is…” Travel Writing Contest

This contest is now closed. We appreciate all of those who entered this inaugural competition and should be announcing the winner and finalists midsummer 2018.

Fall 2017 Travel Writing Contest

Congratulations to Kelsey Camacho for winning the Fall 2017 Travel Writing Contest! Kelsey won $1,000 for her story, “Gå Fram.” We also congratulate our finalists, whose work will appear in Nowhere in the coming weeks:

Michael Boushee
Jane Breakell
Linda Dittmar
Susanna Forrest
Russell Helms
Marya Hornbacher
Susan Roether
Honor Vincent
Marjory Woodfield
Courtney Zoffness

Congratulations to Piers Smith for winning the Spring 2017 Travel Writing Contest! Piers won $1,000 for his story, “Walk Like an Egyptian.” Congratulations also go to our finalists:

Diana Spechler
Beejay Silcox
Marion Pont
Kathryn Paulsen
Dominic Gerard

Big congrats to David Zoby for winning the Fall 2016 Travel Writing Contest! David won $1,000 for his story, “Some Vague Stars to the South.” Congratulations also go to our finalists:

Jessica Lipnack
Hillary Kaylor
Anna Wallace-Thompson
Alia Volz

Spring 2016 Travel Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to Richard Hague for winning the Spring 2016 Travel Writing Contest. Richard won receive $1,000 for “A Day and a Night on the Late Big Bone.” Also, congrats to the following finalists, whose stories also will appear in Nowhere:

Katie Leonard
Kali VanBaale
Amalia Gladhart
Pamela Dae
Christopher Scott
Lara Tupper
Maggie Pahos
Andrew Wailes