Interviews: Ansley Clark

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For N12, we interviewed our contributors on their lives outside the notebook. Writer Ansley Clark talks about blood on the floor, Bill Bryson and graduate student life.

Ansley Clark

How do you take notes on the road?

I obsessively keep a journal, where I write everything by hand.

What’s the worst place you have ever travelled to?

Prague…The city itself was lovely, but it was by far the worst hostel experience I’ve ever had: crowded rooms with the occasional trail of blood or other bodily fluids on the floor. This really didn’t have anything to do with the city itself, as these kinds of hostels exist everywhere.

What are your favorite “travel” books?

Bill Bryson’s travel books have long been my favorites. I find them comforting, especially when traveling alone. He’s funny, and that makes me braver. Also – I always keep a copy of Sharon Creech’s Bloomability on me when traveling. And Zachary Schomburg’s book of poetry Scary, No Scary.

What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?

The last movie I saw was La Grande Bellezza. It was hypnotizing and gorgeous.

What do you do every day to keep yourself entertained when not on the road?

Right now I’m a graduate student, so my days are pretty much packed with teaching, reading, and writing. (Not complaining about this!) When I’m not on the road, I keep myself entertained with thinking about traveling. I’m a big fan of daydreaming. Sometimes I actually schedule a set time for daydreaming during my day. Ten minutes or so where I can just zone out and think about my future travels in an absurd amount of detail.

Where would you move if you could and why?

This is the hardest question. Paris? But also – Sweden. I’ve only been there once, but something about it made me feel immensely happy.

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