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Bikes, bunny buns, bamboo, beers, bright lights, bells, bots, bewilderment & the baby boy.

Traveling the world doesn’t need to stop when you have children. When Juan and Lauren Leguizamón found out they were expecting their first child, their first big decision was where to travel while Lauren was on maternity leave. They picked Europe, specifically Amsterdam and Copenhagen, due to the architecture, culture, food scene and warmth of the people.

Juan and Lauren wanted to take on the challenge of traveling to Japan with their one-year-old toddler—while Lauren was seven months pregnant. They spent two weeks traveling the country by train, balancing the activities they love (hiking, museums, eating obscure food, interacting with locals) while getting creative with the camera and being playful with their son.

Juan Leguizamon received his design degree from California College of the Arts in San Francisco. He has been a creative director at various advertising companies in San Francisco and New York, where he was able to develop his filmmaking skills. During his free time, he loves to travel the world with his wife, Lauren, and their two children, Muir and Rowan.

Lead image: Juan Leguizamon

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