Somewhere in 88 Days

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 You see more than you remember
and you remember more than you have seen.

Filmmaker Bernhard Schinn traveled around the world in 88 days: filming everything he saw while visiting Turkey, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the US. Watch his journey here and read an interview with him below.

In 88 Days | A Cinematic Traveldocumentary from Bernhard Schinn on Vimeo.

How did you choose your itinerary or did you make it up as you went along?
I had a rough itinerary for this trip but only booked the first two flights at home (Istanbul and Delhi). Everything else I made up during the travel. Sometimes it was so much easier to catch a cheap flight locally and make a bargain. I found out that booking a flight 2-3 weeks before is early enough to get a good deal but still be as flexible as possible. If I wanted to stay longer at a certain place I got the freedom to do it.
How did filming to the trip change your travel experience?
Filming this trip opened so many opportunities. Sure, sometimes carrying a camera, even if it is just a small one, can get super-annoying but on the other hand people are so more willing to show how they live, almost as if they are just trying to find a way to tell their story. My part is to be there in the right spot at the right time and make sure to press the record button.
Who is your favorite director and why?
 I don’t really have one. Film-making is always a team effort and a film is only as good as the weakest link in the chain.
Where is your next trip?
I felt very comfortable in Mexico during this trip. People are outstanding in that part of the world. Maybe I’ll try to explore the more southern countries like Brazil and Argentina, but I should probably learn some Spanish first.
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