Somewhere in Cambodia

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Time and Tide: a Social Documentary of Contemporary Cambodia is an ongoing documentary series begun in 2006 with Colleen Gutwein’s initial trip to Cambodia.  The work focuses on the rebuilding of the kingdom and everyday life of the Khmer people in a post Khmer Rouge era.

Gutwein Cambodia_-48Gutwein Cambodia_-12 Gutwein Cambodia_-46 Gutwein Cambodia_-43Gutwein Cambodia_-37 Gutwein Cambodia_-34 Gutwein Cambodia_-23 Gutwein Cambodia_-22 Gutwein Cambodia_-21 Gutwein Cambodia_-20Gutwein Cambodia_-11

Colleen Gutwein has worked as a photographer internationally since 2005 and has created a home base in Newark, NJ.  She is currently working on “The Newark Arts Photo Documentary Project”, funded partially by the Puffin Foundation, focused on documenting contemporary artists in Newark, NJ.

Her natural documentary photography style has led her to create bodies of work from all walks of life and locations in the world. These projects include searching for the edge of motion in the national parks of Colorado, and her long-term documentary project “Time and Tide” focusing on the rebuilding of Cambodia since its bloody civil war.

Colleen is also actively building the  “Modern Blueprint”, a collage series focused on cyanotypes.  Her hand-printed cyanotype images are physically deconstructed and reassembled into collaged reliefs. “Modern Blueprint” opens a new dialogue between obscure traditional photographic processes and a modern digital era.

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