“..Reminds me of the best gonzo journalism of decades past.” -Glyn Vincent, The Huffington Post.

“Nowhere eschews the typical service-oriented stories of glossy travel magazines for more personal travelogues and free-form essays,” -David Farley, The New York Times. 

“The Best New Travel Writing Comes From Nowhere” Steve Casimiro, The Adventure Journal 

Nowhere is a journal of literary travel writing—which to us means narrative with a strong sense of place, character or time. We’ve run stories about the longest sea voyage in history, living on a farm in Tuscany and kidnappings in Libya. We don’t publish reviews of spas or shopping centers or “Top 10 Vacation Getaways.” The magazine is published digitally so we can distribute globally, across borders and cultures, instantaneously.

Nowhere started as a web zine in 2009. We reached out to our favorite authors and asked for submissions. Then we threw parties in Brooklyn to pay for production costs. Three years later we have 14,000 readers in 129 countries. Our stories are written by authors from Syria, Paris, Haiti, New York, Montana and Libya – about adventures in Iran, Hollywood, Siberia, Japan and more. In November, 2012 we relaunched the magazine as a downloadable digital quarterly.

The new Nowhere is a unique, multi-media tablet magazine—designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Galaxy and every other brand of tablet. (You can still read the magazine like you used to on a computer, just download the interactive PDF.) The new format includes pages that look and turn like a magazine; embedded multi-media content like music, interviews, video and slideshows; high-resolution imagery; and several new departments.

Founder and editor Porter Fox has worked as a travel journalist for 17 years. He created Nowhere with a group of like-minded writers, editors, producers and designers to create a new kind of travel magazine—something more engaging, authentic and diverse. The magazine publishes five to 10 articles in each issue, including travelogues, journal excerpts, profiles, conversations, reviews and even notes… We illustrate stories with found objects brought back from the field, and include multi-media elements with each piece.

We ran Blaise Cendrars’ “The Prose of the Trans-Siberian” in a recent issue; Arthur Bradford on a journey to the Home Depot in Portland, Oregon; Paul Violi driving across Iran in 1968; and Syrian poet Hasiba Abd al-Rahman on his return to Damascus. In the Fall 2012 issue a writer visits a Kurdish rebel camp in Iraq; David Farley explores the underbelly of Ensenada, Baja; and Nick Flynn presents collages he made on a remote island off the coast of Tanzania.

We are in a unique position, in that the borderless nature of the Internet fits our content and mission perfectly. We are a magazine about the world. We distribute content to the world. The Nowhere staff values the ties that travel and cultural exchange foster. Digital publishing and compelling storytelling allow us to help cultivate those ties—on a global level. The new tablet edition allows us to do it more evocatively and efficiently than ever before.

Our writers—and readers—are the kind of people who still look out a plane window in awe. We don’t just see places, we see people, culture, diversity and commonality. Travel to us—like any good pastime—is a game of reinvention, of who you are and how you interact with your world. We’d like readers to interact with the new Nowhere in a similar way.


Porter Fox

Art Director

Sara Mayti

Web Editor / Social Media

Hannah McBride

Features Editor

Kim Stravers


Ursula Damm

 Assistant Designer

Dominic Fogarty

Contributing Artists

Mark Adams, Orien McNeil, Chloe Swantner, Swoon, Giovanni Lafrate, Robyn Hasty, Daniel Tepper, Heidi Tullman, Marie Lorenz, Kara Blossom

Contributing Writers

David Jennings, Bill Berkson, Franks Bures, Alan Bernheimer, Dave Eggers, Todd Pitock, Arthur Bradford, Larry Fagin, Nick Flynn, Josip Novakovich, Will Oldham, Ron Padgett, David Quammen, David Farley

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