Fall 2017 Travel Writing Contest

Award-winning literary travel magazine Nowhere is accepting submissions for the Fall 2017 Travel Writing Contest.
We are looking for young, old, novice and veteran writers to send us stories that possess a powerful sense of place. Stories can be fiction, nonfiction or essay, but please indicate which genre at the top of your manuscript. Entries should be between eight hundred and five thousand words and must not have been previously chosen as a winner in another contest. Previously published work is accepted, but again, please indicate this. Every submission will be read blind, so anyone can win…
The winner will receive $1,000 and publication in Nowhere. Up to ten finalists also will be published. Brush off your manuscripts or write something new and send it to the only literary travel magazine going.
The contest ends Jan. 1, 2018. We look forward to reading your work!

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Congratulations to Piers Smith for winning the 2017 Spring Travel Writing Contest! Piers won $1,000 for his story, “Walk Like an Egyptian.” Congratulations also go to our finalists:
Diana Spechler
Beejay Silcox
Marion Pont
Kathryn Paulsen
Dominic Gerard

Submit Here


NOTE: General submissions are closed during fall and spring writing contests.

Nowhere publishes literary travel writing. To us that means anything with a strong sense of place, character or time. Most of our submissions come from seasoned journalists, but we are also interested in stories from first-timers, anthropologists, musicians, poets, film directors and anyone else who spends time traveling. Open submissions for Nowhere are accepted for two months in the winter and two months in the summer.

We ran Blaise Cendrars’ “The Prose of the Trans-Siberian” in a recent issue; David Quammen’s hunt for prehistoric bears in Romania; Arthur Bradford on a journey to the Home Depot in Portland, Oregon; and poet Dan Hoyle on the Republican Campaign Trail.

Nowhere is produced by working writers, photographers and designers. We are trying to make something different—something without space or content limitations that’s as fulfilling for the writer as it is for the reader. We publish traditional features as well as travelogues, journal excerpts, character sketches, profiles, conversations, reviews, notes, video, audio… We like rich contextual detail, elliptical storylines and lean, evocative writing. We’d love to see a story about a Kansas City street corner that is significant for some reason. We don’t want destination, how-to or service fluff of any kind.

Please allow two to four months for our very small staff to read your work…


Big congrats to David Zoby for winning the 2016 Fall Travel Writing Contest! David won $1,000 for his story, “Some Vague Stars to the South.” Congratulations also go to finalists:
Jessica Lipnack
Hillary Kaylor
Anna Wallace
Alia Volz

2016 Spring Travel Writing Contest Winners

Congratulations to Richard Hague for winning the 2016 Spring Travel Writing Contest. Richard won receive $1,000 for “A Day and a Night on the Late Big Bone.” Also, congrats to the following finalists, whose stories also will appear in Nowhere:

Katie Leonard
Kali VanBaale
Amalia Gladhart
Pamela Perlman
Christopher Scott
Lara Tupper
Maggie Pahos
Andrew Wailes