Somewhere on Film

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Till We Meet Again is a project of snapshots documenting the past two years as a transient in the state of California. All the photographs are shot on 35mm film that were processed and scanned in pickup beds, tents, and motel rooms.


IMG_20140519_101750 IMG_20140519_102037

IMG_20140519_102123 IMG_20140519_111101 IMG_20140519_111130 IMG_20140520_000507 IMG_20140520_151601 IMG_20140702_020628 IMG_20140702_020702 IMG_20140702_021514 IMG_20140519_094112

Chanae Marie, is a photographer from NYC, who has lived in 6+ different cities across the U.S., who can’t seem to keep still. She enjoys darkroom processing/printing and hopes to launch another community darkroom in New Orleans in the near future.

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