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$1,000 Spring Travel Writing Contest

Bill Berkson Japan journal

We are looking for young, old, novice and veteran voices with a powerful sense of place in their writing. The winner will be awarded $1,000 and published in an upcoming issue of Nowhere. The top 10 stories will be announced on the website and published on Outside Magazine Executive Editor, Sam Moulton, will judge.

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Vanishing tribes in Saudi Arabia, the Land of Oz in North Carolina, lost in Myanmar, fictional anthropology and much, much more…

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“A welcome departure from straight travel reporting…” -Fathom

“..Reminds me of the best gonzo journalism of decades past.” -Glyn Vincent, The Huffington Post.

 “Nowhere eschews the typical service-oriented stories of glossy travel magazines for more personal travelogues and free-form essays.” David Farley, The New York Times



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Photo by Sindy and Mike Weltreise.  Upon approaching Chimborazo Volcano’s natural border where birdsong fades and glaciers begin, the delicate sound of ice melting in the sun can be heard over the wind, like the […]


Spring Writing Contest!

We’re teaming up with Outside Magazine Executive Editor Sam Moulton for the first Nowhere Spring Travel Writing Contest. We are looking for novice and veteran voices, both near and far, with a powerful sense of place in their writing. The winner […]


Outlaws: Black Market Pesos

Photo by SpeakingLatino. Counting (and recounting) stacks of bills gets old. Pablo Escobar of the Medellin cartel faced this problem, tracking his titanic profits from cocaine trafficking. In the infant days of the modern coke […]