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Fall Travel Writing Contest!


Congratulations to Anna Ialeggio for winning the Nowhere Fall Writing Contest! Lorin Stein, Editor of The Paris Review, chose the piece which will be featured in the spring issue of Nowhere. Congrats also to finalists Matthew Alexander, Kate Angus, Sean Carlson, Clarissa Kritter, Justin Nobel, Anne Sand, Caroline Tracey, Akumbu Uche and R.G. Vasicek. Brush off your manuscripts and enter the spring contest today! Spring contest judge: John Jeremiah Sullivan.


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Getting lost in Botswana’s Makgadikgadi Pan, riding Greyhounds through Wyoming, the Dead Tourist Bar, Mexico City’s subway and a bicycle ride to the end of the world.

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Dave Eggers

Nick Flynn

Will Oldham

David Quammen


“Nowhere defies traditional notions of travel writing while maintaining a conventional voice…its pages are full of the kind of stories mainstream travel magazines insert as an afterthought, a brief and rare glimpse into the traveler’s inner journey reflected through the exterior trip.”  -The Review Review


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